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Wii-kly Reviews: Tales of The Abyss Nintendo 3DS Unboxing


Wii-kly Reviews unboxes One of the many games in the Tales of series. The PS2 Version arrives on the Nintendo 3DS. Tales of The Abyss 3D. Luke has lost his childhood memories and sets off on a grand adventure of learning about his true potential. Tales of series is property of Namco Bandai No Copy Right Intended

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  1. @sonicfan350 Haha thanks man 🙂 Hope you like more content i have coming for the channel soon 😉

  2. @l0chris I agree. But still they have enough nerve to talk about such games. Such beautiful and amazingly made games.

  3. @Tails86 You should really try to get the first Tales of Symphonia for the gamecube.. Dawn of the new world.. is a decent sequel, but I really expected A LOT more from it, the first one, you will love it.

  4. @KeeveBigSis No There are lots of them i wish i could get. But since There is nothing else coming out I'll probably get it as well as some of the ones that came out.

  5. @Tails86 I see, then I hope you get to play the past Tales of games. ^^ and I think there are 3 Tales of games for the ps1,Tales of Phantasia,Tales of Destiny and Tales of Eternia/Destiny II in the US version. me and my baby bro started our Tale games with Tales of Destiny II aka Eternia for the ps1 and it was great that we wished Tales of Symphonia, Destiny remake for the ps2, Destiny 2 and Brave would have a US release for the ps2 but they only decided on JP release only. so boo. I`m sad. T-T

  6. @Tails86 sorry about the Brave part got confused, my mistake. what I meant was Rebirth when I said Brave.

  7. @cyzorearvin Its very well done. Its not as good as like Mario Kart 7's when your racing on real actiony tracks like rainbow road and alot of the flying parts in the game.. But you can see the difference with it turned on.

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