Home Game Review Wii Zapper & Link’s Crossbow Schooling Testimonials (Wii)

Wii Zapper & Link’s Crossbow Schooling Testimonials (Wii)


Link6694 critiques the one of a kind shell of them all!


  1. Maybe Nintendo is trying to create something unique for the next Zelda game. I dunno…

  2. $2:99 at gamestop.
    and remember if you dont like it you can return it in 7 days and get full money back!

    Wii zapper bundle: $25 at gamestop New

    So im my opinion go for just the game

    but remember its a $3 game so if you dont like it that much

    adleasdt you didnt spend $50

    God Bless

  3. Can anyone say me a agame like zelda crossbrow training (3rd person shotter) but more like, not a minigame

  4. My friend gave me a free one and its a hell of a lot cheaper version that doesn't even click your remote in properly or come with a shooter stick ((You rely on the actual b button itself.)) and for this game… I "LOVED" it and got it for a dollar. Sad to say, I'd prefer the Nintendo Brand of WII Zapper after seeing this review @_@

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