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Wildwood and Under Wildwood Reviews


“Wildwood” and “Under Wildwood” by Colin Meloy

Books for MKs is a charity organization that donates books to missionary kids on the foreign mission field all over the world.

Donate now at http://www.gofundme.com/booksformks to help these children get reading material, since in many countries they don’t have access to an English library.

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  1. I;m going to have to look into these books. I want to read all the things:) I like your new sign off phrase…2 thumbs up

  2. I still can't decide weather I want to read these or not. I had these in my hand at the store the othet day and put them back. The covers are just beautiful. I think I'll check out the first from the library. Thank you for the wonderful review.

  3. I will be picking up these books once I am done with the candy makers I find them very intresting and just a little futuristic and adventurous?#read#

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