Home Gadget Review Windows 7 revealed: Megawhat Gadget NEWS 28.05.08

Windows 7 revealed: Megawhat Gadget NEWS 28.05.08


Windows 7 revealed, Microsoft after Yell rumour, iPlayer to launch on virgin Media next week, Dell found guilty of deceptive business practices and Intel delay Centrino 2.

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  1. please microsoft, not a dock, you will just give apple fanboys more the moan about, and plus, i like the start thingy as it is, maybe a bit like the dock, but not excatly like it

  2. A Dock? it's just to make everyone think Microsoft is actually the original. Fuck the dock, it's just copying Mac.

  3. yea right man, fuck copying a mac it should get a fucking dock you dumbass a dock is friggen cool so stfu.

  4. there is actualy no solid evidence of what windows 7 will be apart from the official vid of m2 (milestone 2) with multi touch, multi touch is a will be and so is an xml interface and the office ribbon will prob be used so says apc

  5. and no 1 owns a multi touch ui. its like saying ford stole the wheel of chev. and a dock? no 1 owns a dock either it is a peice of programming code anyone can write

  6. You're implying that Microsoft never copied Apple, which we all know to be LIES!!!!!!!!!! lol. But yeah, think they messed that little bit up, although Apple are always cool to immitate, look at the tech world in general.

  7. More or less all of those "new" features Windows 7 will have, OSX has already and has had for some time. Microsoft are always playing catch up.

  8. Macs dont need the best Windows graphics card moron, they dont use DX, they use OpenGL. For God sake I'd just for once wish people would actually look into these damn things before bashing things. Blu-Ray hit the market in 2006 or so, it only really became the defacto standard earlier this year when HD-DVD was stopped. Only the high price top end laptops (mostly Sony, as they erm, MAKE Blu-Ray) have them. Optical media is on the way out, I'm no less able to carry on with life without Blu-Ray.

  9. Also, Windows DOES NOT COME WITH HARDWARE! It has FUCK ALL to do with Microsoft what system Windows is installed on, that's entirely upto the OEM or you if you're building your own. Windows is SOFTWARE, a Mac is HARDWARE AND software. Saying it's supported it for 3 years is like saying cars have had wheels for years, duh, its just another drive, it'll work on a Mac too moron, just plug it in and weyhey, off you go. I'm sorry but I'm sick of the ignorance on these matters from fanboys.

  10. Dock and gestures, how much more are they copying from Mac? The Dock is probably from RocketDock. I'm sick of gay Microsoft stealing ideas. I don't know how they worked this out but Macs have had a lot of these features (also in vista) years before Windows came out with it. SCREW MICROSOFT!

  11. Even Leopard would win, Apple don't need to improve to win over Windows 7 as Vista was copied from Tiger, Win7 is copied from Leopard. And copied badly.

  12. I'm sick of Apple stealing other companies ideas and then marketing them like they invented it first. PalmOS anyone? That was out first way before Apple even dreamed of the iPhone.

    Just because Apple can market it better doesn't mean they came out with it first. Of course most Mac users are too busy fellatioing Steve Jobs to notice.

  13. and there wouldn't be any mac os without microsoft helping them making their first os back in the day.i'm sick of apple os.

  14. may apple steal from other companies but apple
    computers are tidy inside and efficient no like average pc is a fucking mess inside and
    break down faster also apple software is more stable than Microsoft software
    and finally windows use to much memory

    if this company steal but finally improve Microsoft product for my is not a problem
    and also keep the prices down because windows is fucking expensive and I'm tired to see blue

  15. fuck mac thats bullshit they didn't invent touchscreen technology they just took credit from it with the ipodiphone

  16. Microsoft created APPS for the first Mac OS, they didn't actually make the Mac OS. It's more true to say Windows wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the Mac OS, because Microsoft actually copied the GUI and mouse concept from Apple as they had access to the OS on prototype machines of the Macintosh. They sat someone next to it and retyped code that does the same thing the Mac OS did so it avoided the copyright infringements.

  17. I'm very sorry to asy this, but you're rather ignorant. No Macs currently have i7 because they've only just hit the market and nothing has been revised since this. You really do need to check the Apple site and custom config a MacPro. They have 15k hard drives as an option and have for years. The motherboard they use supports 32GB of RAM. Few boards support more, even server boards, which is what a MacPro really is, server hardware. BluRay can be added if you like. If you need it you have it.

  18. They already have Blu-Ray support, the just don't ship any of their systems with it because of the stupid licencing. Go and look up all the hoops they have to jump through to use it. Also optical media is on the way out. Downloads are the next big thing. People laughed at Apple for getting rid of floppy drives before the competition, who uses them now? USB 3.0 IS NOT out yet, so of course it's not there or supported. Wireless USB is a hardware thing so yes, it can use it.

  19. People install Windows on the Mac to overcome the shortcomings of the DEVELOPERS, not the Mac. How is it Apple's fault if someone doesn't make a Mac version of their software? It's up there with the argument that "Macs suck because MSN on it is crap"… MSN is made by Microsoft, go bitch them about it. Office on the Mac sucks too, again, Microsoft's fault.

  20. Hi im a mac and I just pissed through your window. Right on your sleeping ass. Since all your ports are open I had 65535 windows to choose to piss through.

  21. The gap in her teeth is the slot to load your windows install cd through. And the big nose is cuz she is lieing about the security improvements of windows 7. I can still hack it with my big mac. And I send my worms. Apples worms get it.

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