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Windows Phone 8 Hands On Review | Engadget


Android flagship phones sported 1GHz single-core CPUs and were in the process of upgrading to Froyo, the iPhone 4 was the Apple phone of choice and the word “phablet” was sure to be followed by a “Gesundheit.” (It still is, arguably.)
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  1. The 925 will have a case charger, as in, as long as the case is on it the phone will be charging, if you have it at 100% as long as the case is on it, it will permanently be at 100% until you take the case charger on. And in the unlikely event it breaks it also comes with the regular wall charger.

  2. That's a CNN app…so Fox News will need to have an app to have that capability added to your phone…

  3. Can you please elaborate more, how to set wallpaper in the background of the screen! i am also bored to see this black color allover the phone !!

  4. Even i also Bored with single background color! could you please elaborate more how to put wallpaper in background in window 8 phone.

    Thanks in Advance !

  5. How does he have the World of red bull lockscreen for HTC 8X if the World of red bull WP8 App is advertised as exclusive to nokia? :/

  6. Yeah man this website here is just sending out free White Apple new iPad's for today only.

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    عندما أشفى منك ، سوف تتورط أنت بي أكثر ..!

  7. Windows Phone 8 is a dissipointment because: there is no central notification center, no function of task ending, cant turn of screen rotation, cant turn of predicive text and corrective text, you need to press back like 5 times in the browser to eventually go back, the search button at the apps list should be searching through the whole phone, apps should be for free, there must be more apps on market so that you can actually use your RAM and CPU strenght, apps is randomly ging out

  8. They should have made the icons switch to large when the app has notifications or is active. Thats true dynamic.

  9. @SLKoning yes you can turn off predictive text input, hater. Apps should be for free? I believe that you also want to get paid for your job.

  10. have fun taking a window phone to school where majority of ppl who use an actual smart phone. It's like taking a moped to a Harley bike show.

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