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Wix Evaluation: Pros and Negatives of the Website Builder


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This video demonstrates you the strengths and weaknesses of the HTML5 Wix website builder.

:forty four The website editor
one:sixteen Incorporating features
2:04 Navigation
2:32 Format & Style
three:sixteen Wix App Market
three:32 Wix Cell Website
four:08 Summary

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  1. hey frds i have alot of question about wix i hope u will help me answer it (1) after i registered can i be able to add more futures to the web (2) after registering all what im doing is wix still have coonection with me an 4 example is they shut down their web can dat affect me tnks

  2. Ask them about section 11 before signing up with them

    As explained in Wix Terms of Use section 11, we are not able to make any warranties regarding conditions of our services, including compatibility of Wix products with different services that we offer.
    Support Service is not really helpful

  3. Do you know of any free website solutions that I can code myself, I would like to intentionally design a website that is EXACTLY how I want it and is compatible with any browser you can think of(even stuff like really old internet explorer and stuff), I don't want all this fancy HTML5 stuff.

  4. Hi Good honest review : )

    Do you know how i can make a simple simple website that people pay to down load an Excel file of the NZ Stock market
    Splash page only , they pay using Visa or Direct to my Bank Account.
    Thanks so much : )

  5. I created a blog on Wix and created a comment section but I haven't received any comments yet and I don't know why. I clicked publish and waited a week and I still haven't gotten any answers. If any one have any suggestions please post them.

  6. i find that the wix free website does not work as i spent 3 hours overall to get the thing loaded and still could not get it done i stsrted on the 9th june went back to it around 9 oclock to night so stop telling people that it can be done in 20 minuits

  7. wix is a pain in the ass, the instructions on the website make no sense as you can never find out by their instructions where you need to go on the site to make a change. Do you self a favor. Get another website builder.

  8. Don't waste your time or money on Wix. The editor doesn't work correctly and is frustrating to try and use. Editing text is a nightmare because the editor randomly selects text that you are not trying to change. They have no support at all, no phone number and you can't open a support ticket from their website. If your issue is not covered on their FAQ page your out of luck.

  9. CON – "You hereby grant Wix a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable and sublicensable right and license to use your User Content (in whole or in part) worldwide…"

  10. Of all the various providers I've tried WIX is the easiest to build, provides a fantastic collection of apps [both free and pay] and is easy to update and change. I appreciate the Wixedu as this has enabled me to do it myself without extra costs, often by 'suppliers/builders/experts' who don't really know what they are doing. The Help is also easy to understand. I recommend it everyone I know and THANK YOU for this wonderful service. I also recommend the Premium package to all users who need their website for sales.

  11. Can anyone tell me if we have a chance to create our own website name? Like if someone wants to search us, they could write our website name. Or is it from Wix and all the websites are there?

  12. can we have separate pages for different groups of members ? I have a website which consists of pages for free members and pages for paid ones
    any app which can help me on this ?

  13. I'm new to Wix and the first impressions have been great! However, is it possible to build a website for people to sign up to? If so, I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to go about doing this.
    Many thanks, Dan.

  14. Why would you ever use a closed source web development platform like wix or weebly when their are dragndrop website builders for wordpress which are just as easy as these closed proprietry systems ?  The functionality of wordpress is so much more than wix.  The SEO is infinitely better –  It is cheaper in the long run – even with a developer – and you can truly create a custom site.  Your not held hostage by the wix hosting platform either.  Move it wherever you want.  Spend the extra money you save on great hosting and have a super fast site that will have whatever functionality you can think of.  Did i mention multi users editing? superior social media plugins?  If you are small upstart and you build on wix now you will eventually have to go wordpress or similar in the end.  And you will NOT beable to use whatever you created in wix because the framework belongs to them.

  15. Nice review video. I work with this software program as well and didn't catch what all this could possibly do before I looked at your review video. Keep up the great work and many thanks for the honest assessment.

  16. This video was very helpful and insightful. Thank you. I wanted to know more about Wix but when I went to their site it just said "sign up here, now for free." That did not give me much confidence on what I was getting myself into, as well as what their site was all about. Is Wix and e commerce site or just a place to create a regular website? I did not see anything about shopping cart, checkouts etc. I am a little confused as to what exactly it is. I will definitely check out your other videos to see about other sites you have reviewed.

  17. I want to d a website for my small leather business (where people can order off of the site), is there any specific program or software  processes I need to go though?

  18. Hello, I wanted to buy a plan (combo plan). But I only have paypal and my card (which im not sure I can use because i tried buying stuff online with that card and it doesnt work) Any ideas how I can pay? do they accept paypal?

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