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Wolfenstein: The New Order PC Game Review




Wolfenstein: The New Order is a first-person shooter video game developed by MachineGames and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was released on May 20, 2014 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The game is the first main entry in the Wolfenstein series since Wolfenstein was released in 2009.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is set in 1960’s Europe, in a world where the Nazis won the Second World War. The linear story is told through William “B.J.” Blazkowicz, who is tasked with launching a counter-offensive against the Nazi powers that have overtaken the world.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is single-player-only. The game follows a standard first-person shooter formula with the player taking on enemies over the course of a level. The New Order utilizes a health system in which the player’s health is divided into separate sections that regenerate; if an entire section is lost, the player must use a health pack to replenish the missing health. The player also has access to a non-limited weapon inventory, dual wielding certain weapons, as well as the ability to lean around, over and under cover, and perform a combat slide. Certain weapons have special abilities such as a laser cannon which transforms into a cutting tool, and some turrets can be pulled from their stationary position and carried around. Semi-destructible environments have also been confirmed.

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  1. idk whether to try this game because of Some scenes in this game kind of freaks me out Torture scenes its just Brutal

  2. I kill the officers stealth fully first then I just whip out my big guns and kill every nazi in the are

  3. You can't figure out why it's such a large game? It's because they aren't reusing a bunch of the same textures over and over. The developers are creating a lot more are assets than earlier games.

  4. I've heard a lot of good things about this game but so far I'm not enjoying it. I'm still quite near the beginning so I'll keep playing to see if it gets better. I find the game just feels like every other game.

  5. The enemy AI was mostly good, with a few sections that had some of the best in any game. In these sections, enemies would stay hidden for a long time and you have to be metodical about moving from cover. Flankng was constant. And silence. No one yelling silly boasts or otherwise giving away their presence.

  6. This game is too hard for you? Its considered one of the easiest new FPS games… And the story is actually compelling…

  7. Not only did he not age and kept his muscle mass, he also kept a clean shave and the same haircut for 15 years?

  8. I don't have problem with violence or dark story, I can't stomach big number of lenghty cutscenes and lineral dumbed down levels ­čÖü

  9. A generally strong game, with problems that prevent it from being amazing. Some enemies have too much health and every time you get spotted you feel like you've completely fucked things up, as every enemy immediately knows where you are. What we do see of the game world is interesting, but we don't see enough of it. The story is well told and the shooting mechanics are incredibly enjoyable.

  10. This game was disgusting and was not fun to play; made for desensitized mental millennials. Play RtCW or the 2009 edition instead. This one is terrible!

  11. Having to manually grab every ammo, health, and armor pickup single-handedly soured my experience with the game, and basically meant having to mash the interact button all the time just to clean environments of pickups before moving on, or worse, during a tense battle, made even worse by the fact that the game has overcharging health, and will essentially let you waste health pickups by accidentally overcharging with one when you are just trying to grab a bunch of ammo. There's a good reason why most other shooters all the way back to the early '90s just auto picks up ammo and stuff.

  12. I would like to spend more time in Castle in mountains and less in sewers and HQ, but other than that game was awsome.

  13. Supposedly the sequel will be released next year. This was one of the better next gen titles and I was glad it focused on single player instead of throwing in a after thought mp

    The story I thought was around 12-15 hours but I agree with your pros and cons

    If they can just clean up some of the small things like not having to press a button to pick up everything and maybe a regenerating health isn't a bad idea

  14. To be honest I found all of the character cringe worthy… I mean BJ is typical grunt who surprisingly poetic for some reason which makes no sense and rest of characters explain to stupid details things that human with normal IQ can figure out in seconds.

  15. those fucking check points are horrible. replaying large parts of the level is tedious, this game becomes a chore to play and thats just the ultimate sin.

  16. I want to play as the nazis SOOOOOO MUCH. If I made a game I would make the bad guys look exactly like the nazis

  17. BJ was given a bit of personality. He's portrayed as a caring softy with puppy dog eyes (they made an effort to add highlights reflected in his pupils on multiple occasion)during the quieter times in the game, which's amusing considering his hate filled attitude towards the You-Know-Whos. I was a little surprised by this, you often just get given a brick of meat to play as. At least this brick of meat was taught kindness.Seriously though, why does this fucking game take up four discs, and it looks like a potato (a very well polished potato).

  18. open sections whit no cover or healing packs ruin the game big time, also the story is really depressing since they lost the war already… i mean all the missions are just useless to the big picture if u dont belive that this guy can shoot all the nazis of the world. bougth the game and never finished just felt like an useless effort.
    also the weapons dont carry over to the next section so you will end up shooting everione whit the same weapon the enemy grunt uses cuz there is no ammo for the cooler weapons.

  19. The story is really my main problem. The grittiness is OK, as long as there's some badass dark humor to back it up! I mean, murdering Nazis is just so cathartic, and the BJ's mopyness seems very out of place. It really drags it down.

  20. Pretty sure that BJ is not actually human, more like some sort of dark Captain America super human,. Only way his story makes sense. Great god-damned game though. I loved how sick and twisted the bad guys are, and how extream the violence is, on top of production values being awesome. I can vouche for the lousy performance though, with a 989ti @ 1440p @ everything maxed, some dips into the 43's, but only during cutscenese for some reason, not main gameplay.

  21. I didn't find the game difficult at all whatsoever. I was astonished how easy uber difficulty was. It indeed feels like medium difficulty, but I guess in this era of video games, it is 'very hard' mode for many. I mean, there is indeed some cheapness to how well enemies track your movement being precise ect, but it's very easy to clear out a part in a level by hunkering down killing off several (larger enemies like the armored or mechs) and then proceeding forward to mop up the rest. And due to ammo being so plentiful, you won't feel shy to using your rockets, grenades, and laser cannon to take down the larger enemies especially since you lose everything after every level, all of which are quite short in length if you aren't hunting down collectables.

  22. Surprisingly enough this was the first Wolfenstein game not getting cut in Germany. At least not the violence part.
    For that there is a whole own German Edition where all Nazi stuff is replaced. Didn't play it, I play the original version.
    Great game, especially understanding and reading all the German stuff is amazing, if you are German. Guess its a bit less interesting for people who cant understand German but there are subs.

    The game runs bad on AMD hardware. Don't even bother with a AMD rig.

    Hm. Played the game on ├ťber and I didnt found it to be that difficult… Yeah, some parts were but what do you expect when playing on ├ťber? The boss was really a bitch though. I really enjoyed that the game didnt had the traditional modern health system. I often saved health items on ├ťber when I was in big fights, namely the last level.

    The stealth system was also fair, often enemies took a second or two until they realize you were there. Really now. Often I could get away. No need for a being seen indicator or something…

  23. I disagree on what you said about B.J.'s character. It was very well fleshed out, especially compared to the old Wolfenstein games, with the way he tries so hard to be tough in the battle flield but it gets to him on a personal level.

  24. I hated everything about this stupid game. It's alternate history setting amde no sense, it completely removed the supernatural elements and pulp feel of the original, the writing was melodramatic purple prose, BJ's character was absolutely ruined, they forced a love story into the narrative that had no business being anywhere in this game, it was desperately trying to be Inglorious Basterds, the weapons were generic garbage, the upgrade system was tacked on shit, the levels were boring, the characters were annoying and inconsequential, everything in this game just proceeded to piss me the fuck off. I got every achievement, took it back to the store and never once regreted it.

    Fuck this game, it killed Wolfenstein for me.

  25. Love how Bethesda rewamped these old classics, Wolfenstein (new order, old blood), Doom, Prey… what's next a new Duke Nukem? ?

  26. that area at 6:32 is the worst area because it took me so long to realise that those huge guys are weak to the welding railgun thing

  27. I actually enjoyed this more than Wolfenstein: The New Order. I had no issues maxing this game out on a GTX 660 (with the exception of using the lower ambient occlusion setting.) I Still, to this day can not put Rage on highest settings in 1080p without massive amounts of texture pop-in, and I have a 2GB frame buffer on my GPU. id Tech 5 is a versitile engine that had some very unique features, and I believe these past 2 wolfenstein games having a 40-50 GB install size had to do with remedying the texture pop-in issues from Rage which had a detailed game world of a similar size with lesser graphics quality, and way more performance issues, while maintaining a 22 GB file size (I think they compressed the shit out of the tessellated texture streaming data and it was too much for most GPU's.) ET: Quake Wars used a similar texture streaming/tessellation process (I would consider that engine iD Tech 4.5 because of this feature) and had no where near the performance problems of Rage.

  28. I'd love to enjoy this game if it didn't run like absolute SHIT on my i5 7500 and RX 470 with 16 GB of RAM. Absolutely no reason for a 2014 game to stutter as low as 25 FPS on a rig like that, though to be fair I think something's wrong with my PC (of course not long after I upgrade my PC starts being a stuttering piece of trash)

  29. Usually I agree with your reviews but this one has some idiocies. Like how the development of an emotionally hardened war hero (which he always was) into a loving caring man who just wants the hell to be over being a bad thing. He should be talkative and have a personality, because otherwise the game turns into another dumbed down shmup type FPS like CoD. As for forced stealth, you don't have to be stealthy for a hell of a lot of the campaign, you just have to be smart about what fights you do or do not aggressively rush into which makes the gameplay more dynamic than RTCW where you basically just shoot or die like Call Of Duty 1. Iron sights are needless for this game and only really help for stealth, which like I said before, isn't important. Trust me if you upgrade anything duel wield you'll see just how rewarding it is to tear through legions of enemies with sometimes just the duel wield pistols, sliding through enviornments and chaining kills.

    Now, I played this game twice through, one all stealth and only occasional loud gunfights and then the one I referenced before with tons of duel wielding and grenades.
    As a stealthy FPS, Wolf: The New Order shines with throwable knives, great execution animations, a more than solid storyline, and an absolute ton of silenced pistol headshot sequences, as well as clever boss skips like being able to shoot the back of the one eyed huge robots and take power cells out of their backs.

    Trust me I think you just didn't play enough of the game to really dive deep. If you do a secret hunting run as well, that gives this game a ton of life and replay ability.

  30. deathshead is the most disturbing villain in any game i've played, even more so than vaas…..he's cold, calculating and utterly sadistic…..you always feel uncomfortable whenever he's on screen cause you know he's conducting a little brutal examination of you in his head, like, he sees everyone as his own little experiment to use to further his own scientific progress….and that utter conviction to perform such abhorrent things in the name of "creating" something is well, terrifying.

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