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Women Dating Younger Men: Anatomy of a May-September Affair


The term “Cougar” is the term coined to older women dating younger men. This has been made popular by the emergence of mainstream Hollywood couples like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon just to name a few. Although, this wasn’t as widely accepted before, but this has suddenly changed during the last few years.

Older women dating younger men are not as widely as accepted as the May-December affairs, were in older men date younger women. For the latter, these women are thought of as too old and people always look at them as mothers, thus when they see older women dating younger men people are quick to think of them as cradle robbers.

Why are older women appealing to men who are younger?

Most men would answer that the level of maturity and independence that women in elder age have is what made them appealing. With independence comes that security, older women have are more established with their careers and lifestyles that it takes the pressure off young men, who are still trying to make a name for themselves. Also eases the financial burdens of men when the issue of money is brought up.

Maturity can be a pro and a con when women are dating, it is a fact the women mature faster than men, as women get older they are more appreciative of the meager things in life. They are more realistic and gravitate towards the simpler things in life. There are men who want this kind of stability. But sometimes this kind of maturity wears on younger men who may not have that kind compatibility with his older partner.

Younger men find that they gravitate towards older women, because of their independence. There are younger men who find strong and independent appealing, those who can do well for themselves without the aid of men. Younger men find that instead of them taking care of the women, they want it vice versa.

Can this work and will it last?

In instances when older women are dating, there is always the question of stability of the relationship. Will this kind of relationship last? How can couples make this kind of relationship work? With older women dating younger men, there are certain challenges that brought about by the age difference.

Racing against the biological clock

If couples are looking into raising a family, they should take into consideration that given the age disparity, the women is in a race against time to be able to bear children.

Younger men raised traditionally

Older women are strong and independent individuals, if the man was raised in a conservative and traditional family the need to be controlling and or unwillingness to accept this kind of independence will be an issue.

Past bad experiences and other issues

Along with maturity and independence comes unresolved issues from the past, with older women dating younger men, these are some of the things that the latter must have to consider. Sometimes these issues still arise at present.

Who’s to say that this kind of relationship will not work, it has been said that older women dating younger men are uncommon. But there have been relationships like these in the past and have never been talked about and accepted much like that of an older man dating a much younger woman.

Relationships, regardless of age difference, religion, race and so much more, is difficult as it is, but people have proven that no matter what differences they have they always can make it work.

By Janet Adeline

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