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Women’s Sport Watches For the Active Woman – Buying a Brand Name Sports Watch Vs A Generic Watch


Watches are a great way for a woman’s to show off her sense of fashion and style and have gained a permanent position on a lady’s wrist. Women who are keen on sport, fitness and looking after themselves physically will naturally seek women’s sport watches as their choice of keeping time.

Many women’s sport watches are not at all like the jewelery type watches that women like to wear throughout the day, they are often smaller versions of men’s sports watches with a similar set of features requiring some technical knowledge to use to their full potential.

A number of fashion conglomerates such as Versace, Gucci and Chanel that have delivered offerings in the womens sport watches market with their renown brand names. An independent, fitness-orientated women may find these types of watches the perfect compromise between fashion and features.

Some people may wonder what is so important about buying a watch with a better brand name, over a more generic watch at a much cheaper price. Apart from the higher quality features provide by top womens sport watches, a better known brand name offers extra assurance that the watch is credible and is backed up with a suitable warranty and guarantee.

Women’s brand name sport watches are designed in a range of feminine colors and have a more fragile and delicate appearance, but do not be fooled by looks, many of these watches are just as strong, durable and possess the same features that are offered in the men’s versions of these sports watches.

An independent woman with an affliction for trekking in the wilderness, backpacking or any number of active pursuits will find these offerings ideal. Watches designed for this sort of activity must be durable, reliable and deliver the perfect time as well as specific features. The sort of quality a brand name watch delivers.

Buying Tips and Suggestions

When purchasing a women’s sport watch, ensure you check the warranty period and ensure that you are guaranteed repairs to your watch free of charge. Then look for features that are suited to your goals. For instance, check the watch’s water resistance rating if you intend to use your watch in or around the water. If you are considering an activity like scuba diving, you’ll want to ensure you get a certified divers watch.

A shock resistant watch like the G-Shock watches offered by Casio can ensure that your watch will not come to harm if dropped of involved in some other kind of mishap and some of the Casio Baby-G range watches are designed with women primarily in mind. Some other nice features to look for include digital Swiss movement, altimeter, digital compass, barometer, alarm with snooze and stopwatch.

Whether you are seeking a calorie counter, heart rate monitor or compass, there are women’s sport watches available that can deliver. Sometimes the best places to look for these are on popular internet websites such as the Amazon site. Better quality women’s sports watches will have prices to match, but shopping through the internet can often result in a big savings.

By Rod McAnally

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