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Wonder Woman (2017) – Movie review


Just saw the long anticipated Wonder Woman film. Here’s my first impressions.

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  1. i would have loved the movie if the war god hadn't present himself, then wonder woman has to wrestle with his existence and human's true nature…

  2. What?! You liked it? But I thought you were a mysoginistic scumbag. The Ghost Busters remake followers told me so. And they wouldn't have been overreacting and lying, right? Right?! Anyway, nice video.

  3. Looks like I'm the only one that didn't love the movie. It was OK. I would even say regular. Maybe i had big expectations because of the reviews. I don't know.

  4. Considering how well made and focused WW was it makes you wonder what the fuck happened with the other recent DC films.

  5. The reason why the colors become dim and murky after Diana leaves the island was to visually represent her entering the impure world of man

  6. Love these movie reviews, specially due to James' clear and understandable english. Good for a non native english speaker/listener.

  7. I didn't think the film was as good as the hype. This film had many plot holes. Go to IMDB and read the low scores for this film. I'm not the only one.

  8. I don't know who could play Wonder Woman like Gal Gadot can…cause let's face it they'd suck ass but not Gal,she delivers 100% and that's why she's my NEW favorite actress!!! And that's a fact!!

  9. Chris pine's character and his little band really sucked…. i think they were trying to be funny, but they missed the mark…. id give the movie a 5 a best but a 10 for the hottie that is wonder woman. damn she is fine.

  10. My main complaint was that the Germans were speaking English most of the time, but I do realize why they did it that way for the movie.

  11. James I think your definition and my definition of “moneyshot” are a lot different

  12. Wonder Woman, Shazam and Avengers Endgame are some of the best movies of their genre! In those movie, you really did care about the action and characters and the stories felt very engaging.

  13. Gal Gadot trained for nine months to gain seventeen pounds of pure muscle, though it didn't show in the final film and many fans felt she looked too thin to play the character.

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