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Work For Students Scam? Or is it legit?


Work For Students Scam

Work For Students… Scam? Well I investigated, and I know the shocking truth! Lately, work for students flyers have been posted all around my college campus, and I’m sure they’ve been posted around many others. But the question is whether or not it’s a scam? Is work for students legitimate or the next hoax? Well before I go into detail, If you want to make some real money, without any risks,

First off, I’ll tell you that you don’t want to go calling the number on the flyers in a rush. Not knowing if it’s a work for students scam, and calling anyways is one of the quickest ways to get pulled in, if it does turn out to be a work for students scam. Trust me on this one, I’m a college student and I learned this first hand.

So Here’s the “Work For Students Scam” Inside Scoop

It’s run by a company known as Vector Marketing, and what you’ll be doing isn’t like most jobs at all. I can’t say it’s a work for students scam but at the same time, work for students, also known as Vector Marketing definitely IS NOT something I’d recommend. What happens is, you send in your application, and they give you a call.

Once you go in for the interview, they lecture you for two and a half hours and tell you that you how everything works. To actuallu make money, you have to spend over $100 up front on a set of knives, that you’ll show to your potential clients. You then have to get people to come into the Vector Office, an you get paid around $15 per appointment. Get it? There’s no hourly wage or anything. You get paid based on performance. Basically, you can easily end up losing money by getting involved with work for students, but at the same time, there is the possiblity to make a lot. Whether or not you call them from here on out is your choice.

So How Do You Make Some Money as a Student?

There are so many ways to make money as a student and a lot of ways you’ll just end up losing some. I’ve tried a lot of them, so I figured, I’d just tell you what works for me. Ever heard of Affiliate Marketing? Well I define it as the perfect way for students to make money during school and especially over the summer.

I’ve never had a job, but still I’m making more than all of my friends working part time, and even more than most of them working full time! And I owe all of the money I’m making to Affiliate Marketing. But hey that’s what I do, what you do now is up to you. Good luck.

Do You Want To Make Money Online?

If yeah, then you should consider checking out this program called Mobile Monopoly. Some people make millions a year using it, but I never recommend you try something without reading up on it, so check out this Mobile Monopoly Review to learn how to make a killing from home. Good luck.

By Cahotta Jackson

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