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World of Tanks Blitz Review Android & iOS – Androidizen


World of Tanks Blitz Review Android & iOS. Right here we are with World of Tanks Blitz now on mobile platforms.

Having a large amount of what the Personal computer recreation has to offer including its F2P product World of Tanks Blitz does a great position of capturing the spirit of the primary. ****

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  1. What game pad are you using for the game? And how did you set it up? I have a moga pro and I can't get it to work. I know ios has controller support for wot blitz.

  2. The obvious question is…Which is the better game? PC or Mobile and if they both play to their own strengths, which is the better value?

  3. is there a way to configure the game to use the Nvidia Shield joysticks and buttons instead of the on screen touch controls?

  4. started 2 days ago, WOT just screwed up many android, "please reinstall the client* after downloaded the mandatory update for 1.8. 
    even 7 times done uninstalled and redownloaded installed back in, still * please reinstal the client* 
    Iphone and MAC just buy this game i guess

  5. I have got a question i need very mutch GB because i haven't not a nuth an i ll a answer please

  6. Dude you sound like you should be saying, 'and this is the teir 10 tank, in his natural habitat…the predator is closing in….' -lol

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