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Write Product Reviews That Rank #1 on Google Every Time


In the past, we have talked about how product reviews usually get the least amount of traffic on a website. That’s still true, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Look at websites like Pack Hacker and the Wire Cutter that are totally dedicated to product reviews. And they are totally KILLING IT. In this video we will talk about why that is. So many reviews either don’t rank or don’t get any traffic. If you can relate, we promise there are tips in this video for you.

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  1. REVIEW MORE THAN ONCE There are a minimum of three product review (series work) you can do. One is unboxing/first impressions. Two is product Ive loved/hated this month/after a month. Third is why I upgraded/still love/ abandoned. Then a group review of rideOrDie/favorites/Neveragain. There’s probably more. But ROI on the initial purchase is leveraged – people may read the “don’t use anymore” and may still purchase because it doesn’t affect them OR be led to your latest greatest review of the upsell.

  2. Great content guys as always!

    A great example of someone KILLING the product review game is moderncastle. He did basically everything you're recommending and also did scholarship lin building from what I can tell.

    The guy has probably the most in-depth affiliate content I've yet to come across and the funny thing is, he's a vacuum blog!

  3. Thanks for the advice guys! Could you give us a product review on the Vileda Mop Freddy was using ..? 🤣👍

  4. Been watching you guys. I love the book work energy! I’ve listened to it 4 times. I feel like I learn something new each time I listen. It’s hard to get all the great points in one listen. All that aside. I want to help you like you helped me. I’ve been researching Thumbnails for my videos. I’m not a pro by any means. I just wanted to let you know. This video would do great to have a thumbnail that says. “The Ice Cold Truth!

  5. This is hilarious. Ricky does the ice bucket challenge, sit there soaked for the rest of the video and Freddie mops up the mess!

  6. Please reveal your product review YouTube Channel so that we can learn more from you. Thanks in advance

  7. I legit bought like 6 backpacks a few months ago for exactly this reason. That review is coming… eventually? 🤣🤣

  8. Good advice and really an evolution of what you've always said, "create useful content that people want to read/watch".

  9. Another awesome video (and advice)! One question…
    Can you please tell us where in the content we should place the affiliate links to buy the product? And how many we should have?
    For example, should there be a link above the fold (I realize that’s an ‘old school tactic’) or at the very end of the post? Or should we have several links throughout the page?
    Thank you!

  10. For me, it works doing the reviews but I have to do a better review than the guy ranking on #1. Buying product might not work for someone doing several sites and also its time-consuming.

  11. How we can buy who actually do not live in the USA. In many countries, Amazon does not have started their service yet.

  12. Hi Jim! I really love your vlogs, apparent hard work. Recently came across Video Dashboard app on theinspiredreviews.com with tons of video templates to post on 9 different platforms (Youtube, Instagram, snapchat, etc…). Market trend research add-on rocks it and lures some good organic traffic too.
    Details are spicier than Shishito peppers.

  13. I love you guys but this is SOOOOOOOOOO unrealistic. Most of us are trying to start a business on pennies. There is absolutely NO MONEY for me to buy a bunch of products. NOOOOOOO WAAAAAY. Now, I have written reviews on things I haven't owned. But only after a ton of research. What I do is comb Amazon and other places that have large numbers of product reviews and read EVERYTHING – and I mean everything. The good, bad and ugly. Here's what happens. It's amazing the consensus you find on pet peeves and complaints and positives. I take those seriously and mention them as potential drawbacks. There are way too many people struggling to get started that simply can't afford what you are suggesting.

  14. Poor Freddie! He should have at least been able to get a little revenge at the end by dumping all that ice on Jim! Great video guys. This is why I watch all of your videos all the way til the end. Personally I have no desire to write product reviews, so the topic doesn't apply to me. The huge amount of information you give though, keeps me glued! You can take some of the same ideas you shared and use them in so many different ways. I love it! Thank you!

  15. #Question
    Would be great if you help because i have a flop blog with only 6000 per month views in a year but one of my post is getting 1000 views per month and i can make sales through.
    I want to add more content and make changes to make it better but i am afraid that it will effect negatively and i may lose even 1000 views that i am getting right now

  16. Such a helpful video. I write a bunch of product reviews and getting yout hands on the actual item is definitely the way to go!

  17. Why not build not so direct review pages?

    Let's say you want to promote/review the Top 5 Recliners but you notice that the top 10 listings on Google for Best Recliners is already dominated by very well built pages?

    Yet, you notice the term How To Choose The Best Recliner is a winnable keyword…why not build a lengthy, awesome page answering that question and at the bottom of that page you say something like…"So which recliners do we feel best match the criteria that we've outlined in our article above? Here's our Top 5" Then offer your review.

    The advantages here are that you know people are in the market for a recliner, it's why they're reading your article (buyer intent)
    You've gained their trust by providing a quality article that rates highly at Google…plus it doesn't smell like a review
    You give them recommendations that have already narrowed down their search for them.

    Make this article into a Staple or Pillar article and you have a better chance of ranking this sneaky/indirect review page as #1 at Google.

  18. Hi Guys, I have a bit of a problem and a dilemma. I started this niche site that is rather a micro niche site.. I already have 20 articles on it. I am a newbie blogger. Now, I have read some articles that say that you can really lose Ad sense rights and get banned on those sites very easy. I am thinking about finishing it and launching it and not "ad sensing" it for a while just so I can test the waters and then after a few months Ad sense it. Is that a good move ? Since the niche is neither micro nor macro but more micro than macro .. and I could face some issues with ad sense because it is a food related niche I wanna make sure it flies well before I monetize it with ads. What do I do ? Thank you so much for your input. …is there an alternative to Ad sense ?

  19. You guys are losing it!
    It's totally ridiculous to suggest we should go out and spend hundreds or thousands on products to review.
    And to use wire cutter as an example is a joke. They spend hundreds of thousands on reviews because they make millions.
    I think your success as really gone to your heads.
    Please come back down to earth.
    The ave niche site owner has zero or little to spend, and certainly not on products.
    Sorry to pull your ears guys but really annoyed!

  20. I am starting a blog on the topic of billionaires and am buying all sorts of supercars, yachts and private islands just to get hands-on experience. 😌

  21. Great information, very interesting and informative. Love Freddy in the background…what a laugh….and yep pinky promise to do outstanding reviews.

  22. Great video! How does the advice of buy and try-out the products first before you write a review work when you live in a non-US country, say Australia, and the US Amazon seller of that product doesn't ship to Australia? This is where I struggle with reviews.

  23. Thank you. Guys, I haven’t seen any video about Amazon Link Builder shutting down on the 9th of March 2020. Pls any heads up for this change ?

  24. Atleast let Rick dry off before getting into the video. Is this how one treats their business partners/friends??

  25. I have a question about my niche. I’ve been making reviews about the products, but I also have another section, which gives them another opportunity to buy the product. The review section is completely authentic, but the other section is almost 100% identical to the original product page. Do you think this would cause me problems with Google, and am I even allowed to do this? I have no problem rewriting the other pages if needed. The idea was for the person to see the actual description from the source while on my website, and would have checked it out if they were happy with my review section. The last thing I want to do is make a simple mistake that would potentially cost me any traffic.

  26. I think most people here don’t have enough overhead money to follow up with your strategy. But it’s very noble to go by it.

  27. Love what you guys are doing. Very inspiring. I want to do product reviews in the future. Right now I am researching but do you have any idea about 'nofollow' or 'noreferrer' settings for Amazon affiliate links on a blog? I appreciate any feedback.

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