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There is certainly many ways to write an article, a website addition, an ad, a proposal or a letter, or any other written piece. The writing has to follow a plan that will keep the reader from putting it down before they finish reading it. How will we do that and what kind of plan are we looking for ???

First, you need to determine what we will write about. Once we make that decision, you must write a title that will grab the eye of the reader. This title should be about the product, and, it has to be catchy.

Now, the writer needs to decide how long the body of the writing will be. If it is too long, the reader might become bored and stop reading before they finish reading the article. By not finishing the article, the reader may not get to the main point that you are trying to stress. Typically, the article should end somewhere between five hundred and one thousand words.

Start your article with a statement that will keep the reader interested enough to keep them reading until they reach the point you are trying to get across. Try to place the main point of the article between half way and three fourths of the way through. Then add a few more sentences to your article describing the main point you are trying to get across.

Make it your goal to reach a minimum of four to five hundred words to express the main point. Give several examples in your article of why the reader needs to look at your product a little more and the some examples of why they will need it.

A good article should contain a list of how to use the product. A list is one of the things that will keep a reader interested in what you are writing about. Readers love lists. Think about it. "Here are 4 ways to make a computer run faster". Or "my 10 tips to train you pet". How about "8 ways to get better gas mileage". Would these make you want to read on to see what these are about ???

How-to articles are also ways to keep a reader interested. Every one wants to learn more about whatever you are teaching them. You first tell the reader what you are going to tell them about and then give them a list telling them how to do it.

There are many ways to write an article successfully. These are a few but there are more and probably better ways. Seek them out !!

By Steve M Garten

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