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XBOX 360 ELITE Evaluation


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Discovering the new XBOX 360 ELITE.

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  1. @zupercheese PS3 outputs at 1080p, the XMB is 1080p hence why its less pixelly than the 360 Dashboard and GT5 is 1080p on the PS3

  2. @djzulfikardj the elite doesn't have built in wifi..the slim does though. I recommend you get the 250gb. if you think of purchasing.

  3. correction: all the xbox 360's (yes even the new slims) all have 720p res. no 1080p my friend. the graphics card makes it seem 1080p when its really only 720p with sharper colors and better frame rate

  4. @mrblazestriker if you want it get it. it now has cloud so you can play even if you have no memory left and also if you ever want to upgrade you can just get a 250 or 320 gb hardrive.

  5. @Skalde76 i have one im afraid not what you can do is if you have a pc or laptop ( laptop is somewhat easier) you can connect an ethernet to your pc and your xbox and the laptop is connected wirelessly but the xbox gets internet wired look it up on youtube type in "how to connect xbox 360 easily to xbox live "

  6. So is the regular white one cheaper than this one now? And how much would both be seperatly at like gamestop used?

  7. The ps3 has the yellow light of death but my elite still works fine and I dnt have a fan but dats better than the fan cause my cousins pro got so many dust it got red ring so elite is da better Xbox

  8. I have an Xbox 360 that is turned on by touch and makes sound whenever manually turned on but now it doesn't if anyone could tell me why this is happening just reply so i can understand the problem.

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