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Xbox Aids – How to Established Up Your New Xbox One particular Chatpad


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  1. well i have my chat pad for 4 weeks and it worked until now i dont hear anny sound and when i type it doesnt work

  2. I feel like I'm losing my mind–I CAN NOT get the chatpad onto the controller!! I've tried it six ways to Sunday and it will. not. connect.

  3. Does the chatpad have a headset adapter? Meaning I can plug in a headset to the chatpad that is not meant for the Xbox one?

  4. Chat pad broke the accessory port off my controller, won't connect to any of my 3 not matter how much i move it around. It's crap

  5. Do you know if this is designed to fit the Xbox ONE S controller? I've just bought one and it doesn't want to fit in… Thanks.

  6. would hard wired headphones with a mic built-in plug into the chatpad? such as Sennheiser, Audio Technica etc. Thanks

  7. Hi everyone.I have buyed a Xbox one S today and a chatpad.I have done the two updates (and the console didn't require a usb cable) but the chatpad isn't working.Help

  8. thank you so much, I didn't update the controller first and ended up breaking the chatpad so my stupidity cost me and extra $60 chatpad thanks for the help your the. Best

  9. Hi.. Chatpad worked fine until last week. Today when I'm playing FIFA 17, I can't hear commentators by the headphones.. I only hear background sounds. Has anyone had or has had this same problem?

  10. for some reason the Two buttons on the left won't work and i cannot hear any game chat but i can hear friends talking how can i fix

  11. Um yup….. I am starting to see a trend here. The white, xbox one s controllers don't work with the chat pad. But it works with the other colors like the blue one.

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