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Xbox One S 1TB Limited Edition Military Green Battlefield 1 Console Unboxing


I already have the 2TB Xbox One S in my living room and I really didn’t need to get another for my office, but when I saw Microsoft and DICE’s tribute to the military with their Military Green Battlefield 1 Limited Edition Xbox One S, I just had to get it. My father was a Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and I grew up on military bases, so this one was kind of special for me, as I would assume it would be for members of the military. SOLD! This thing is awesome. The on board hard drive is 1TB, which is awesome. The console also comes with a digital copy of the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition of Battlefield 1, so I am in there jamming out right now! Battlefield 1 is available October 18th if you purchase the Early Enlister version, otherwise, you can find it in stores October 21st.

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  1. sry my dad was a luteinant cornel in the Marines i was born at camp lejeune in NC and spent 2 years in Kuwait with 2 brothers and a sister

  2. I have a question about this, any idea when it'll sell out? cause I'm hoping to get this for crishtmas

  3. i bought this console last weekend. .cost me $70 out of pocket ?. since i got the wife a iphone 7 , Target gave me a 250$ gift card. WINWIN?

  4. ugh I'm getting this for Christmas or at least around the 20th, I'm so impatient but it will be worth the wait.

  5. How soft are people getting when they consider carrying a video game upstairs to their 2nd console a problem and it's "lugging" hahaha

  6. I got this for Christmas but idk if I got any other games with it cause my parents don't even know that I know I got one I'm so happy ;))

  7. I had to decide between this and the deep blue. I honestly like the deep blue better they are both nice.

  8. I got some money from christmas and so Im going to get an xbox from amazon. Do any of you know which bundles come with a physical copy of BF1? I really dont want it to be digital and it doesnt say on the order.

  9. Honestly you can sell that digital copy on eBay for about $50 to $60 and use that money to purchase the hard copy of this game in the store

  10. 6 minutes and we finally see the product. Try to work on that in future videos, bub. Ridiculously annoying.

  11. Thanks for showing if it did anything on startup, that was my big question! Love the color.

  12. Digital is amazing ON XBOX only. Why? A lot of first party Microsoft games are cross play Console – PC. I have my Xbox in California, and my PC in Colorado. I can play a good portion of my game library from wherever I'm at!

  13. nice. was thinking about getting this color but the white one looks so sleek. too bad I can only buy one.

  14. Well this game is totally awesome. Thumbs up if you want to play this game RIGHT NOW !!! and BTW if you want this game in cheaper cost just checkout BOGKU .COM !!! I get all my games off there !!!

  15. I bet u get a lot of pussy. With all those toys, and 2 xbox one's. Go easy save some for us.

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