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Xbox One Stopped working, solid orange light, Manually remove Disc


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  1. Got the disc out thanks for the info We prob would have lost it Its a little hard to get but if you keep trying you get it it takes a little more pressure then I thought

  2. mine is orange i woke up and i saw that it was orange but mine turns white when you turn it on and orange when its off but it still works?

  3. The light turns solid orange because a component is not responding. In my case it was my wireless adapter, I removed it and the console was able to turn on. You can play with the wired controller  while you get a replacement wifi module.

  4. if your xbox one power brick has orange light and the console wont turn on. unplung it , plug everything back in place wait idleast 10 min your xbox console should turn back on

  5. one guy had brown light on the power supply and xbox one just beeped when he pressed the the power button ..he tool the lead out the plug lead out the power supply and lightly put it back in a few time hearing a electrical crackle and after a bit it fired up again ..

  6. Save your time. This isn't telling you how to fix a fucking thing. It's how to remove a game if it won't turn on BEFORE YOU SHIP THE CONSOLE TO MICROSOFT FOR REPAIR lmao.

    What a useless video

  7. Mine is off completely. I wasn't on it but I think it fried in the storm we had

  8. This happen to mine just this morning day one edition solid orange light console makes a faded beep noise but nothing else disc wouldn't eject tried all troubleshooting and nothing thought it was a goner plus think it's a tiny bit late for warranty now lol

  9. Hey. Mine just stopped working orange solid after moving console from one place to another , I turned it off and unplugged and just off. nothing works. I have DVD in there . would that trick work?
    Thanks .

  10. For the sake of humanity, take this lame ass video down. I replaced my power supply and my console started up fine; There was no need to take the console in for repairs.

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