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Xbox360 vs PS3 John’s game reviews and rants


John talks about choosing the right system for you and all things video games. He also talks about Fallout: New Vegas

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  1. Great advice! Btw excuse my nitpicking but it's Fallout NEW vegas not Las vegas lol. anyway happy holidays to you too man, keep the vids coming! (Btw have you seen all the crazy new levels in LBP2?? definitely check em out)

  2. Merry LATE Christmas and Happy Late New Year Johnny! This video was so true and nice!! Saddening that 'people who just want jobs' work in game stores who DO NOT play games. i usually hang out at a local GameStop with an friend who the store manager and I DO NOT work there and can upsell more in an hour than most the employees do in one day.

    IF I was paid at least $10 with like on and off $60 hours weeks… I'd probably apply. Better yet, just give me a $30k Salary. Fire me at critical.

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