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YardMan Snowblowers – The Brand You Can Rely On


YardMan snowblowers are considered as some of the best snow equipment in the market. YardMan is also one of the most widely distributed brands of snow blowers. Snow blowers from YardMan can be found in a lot of online distributors as well, so it is quite easy to find such machines. YardMan basically offers two groups of snow blowers: some designed for heavy duty work and some for moderate duty work. The moderate duty snow blowers are ideal for consumers who have small or medium driveways and single or double driveways. The snowblowers are meant to be used in snow coverage of six to twelve inches.

The moderate duty snowblowers come with steel augers that can break through ice and even compact snow. They also have high-speed impellers that makes snow clearing easier and faster. The heavy duty models are ideal for larger places where snowfall is too thick and deep. These are larger and have more powerful engines. Some of the most important features offered by snowblowers from YardMan are its power steering and easy maneuverability. Aside from the moderate duty and heavy duty models, YardMan also categorizes its snowblowers into three different groups, namely the electric ones, the single stage gas snow blowers and the two-stage gas snow blowers.

Single-Stage Snow Throwers from YardMan

There are three main models under the single stage snow thrower type, the 2B5, the S2B5, and the S295. All models use the Snow King 4-cycle L-head engines from Tecumseh. The first model comes with an electric starter, self-pulling rubber-edged augers, and reversible and replaceable scraper blades. This model has a 21-inch clearing width and a 10-inch intake height. The S2B5, on the other hand, features a 5.5-HP Snow King 4-Cycle L-Head engine and other similar features except for the electric start. The S295 features a more powerful 7-HP Snow King engine, an electric starter, and 7″ x 1.7″ wheels.

Two-Stage Snow Blowers from YardMan

As for the two-stage snow blowers, the four main models are the E6GLF, the E5KLF, the H6LLH, and the H7S3. The first features an 8.5-HP Snow King 4-cycle L-Head engine, the second at 9.5-HP, and the third and the fourth models at 11 HP. The first has an electric start, 26″clearing width, 21″ intake height, 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, single-hand operation, clutch lock system, in-dash halogen headlights, remote pitch control, Snow Hog tires, and a serrated auger design. The E5KLF features an electric start, power steering system with Trigger Control, larger tires as compared to the E6GLF, and comes packaged with a chute cleaning device.

The H6LLH, on the other hand, boasts of a 30-inch clearing width, 21-inch intake height, single-handed operation, 15″ x 5″ Snow Hog tires, standard halogen headlights, 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, and a chute clearing device. The H7S3 has more features, such as an electric starter, a power steering system with Trigger Control, a Track Drive with weight transfer system, heated hand grips, 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, standard halogen headlights, and a single-hand operation system.

Electric Snow Blowers from YardMan

However, if you prefer electric snow blowers, your best bet is the YardMan 040, an electric snow blower with an 8.5-amp Amatek electric motor. Take note, however, that most electric snow blowers are not built for heavy duty work. This model only has a 12.5 inch clearing width and a 6 inch intake height. It is ideal for light and mild snowfall. Other features include an adjustable three-direction discharge chute, a Cordminder cord retention device, and a compact, lightweight design.

Pros: YardMan offers various snow blowers that can meet a whole variety of needs at fairly affordable prices.

Cons: The snow blowers may not have the best set of features as other more popular brands.

The Verdict

YardMan is a very popular choice of brand when it comes to people shopping for snow blowers.

You can find more about Yardman Snowblowers on our Snow Blower reviews website.

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