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YotaPhone Hands On Review | Engadget


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YotaPhone is still very much a prototype. It certainly works — pretty well, in fact — but it’s understandably rough around the edges and Yota Devices have plenty of work to do before the handset launches towards the end of next year. Read more here: http://goo.gl/aJIYf.

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  1. fucking shit!better to take the brand for 500 euros, with the best characteristics.
    the second screen is small to read,has no backlight,and touch screen((((.

  2. the interviewer is such an arragand prick, the tone of his voice and the way he order and push people and force people to the corner just a fking a hole

  3. a tablet with that technology would be awesome..! to read with e.ink..! but see videos and browse on the tablet..! I need it..!

  4. 3:55 vlad makes two-fingers swipe up to down – its just copying the current screen to ink-back, but not the back-side mode for ebook reader. So there is no wonder why further swipes do the switching between pictures. he used wrong swipe-control for turn it on

  5. Since when has Russia come up with any commercial device whether it is a computer or a smartphone that is worth buying. Russia has no edge or knowhow when it comes to Information technology.

  6. This interviewer! He is treating them like idiots, ordering them around and cutting them off to explain a feature which they were in the processes of doing perfectly well. Not only that but he is speaking down on them as though they are ignorant on the operation of their own device. Fuck him! Why does he have a job?

  7. This reviewer guy was so rude, it was a prototype, and obviously the phone doesn't have next year's specs because it's not next year yet, I love this idea and it's the most innovative and different idea I've heard in a while, he should have been way more respectful and understanding that the phone is a work in progress.

  8. I'd rather just have a small screen on the edges of the phone that display information instead of a big and bulky screen on the back.

  9. The interviewer must get a tight slap. Idk how the hell they didn't tell him to talk properly with respect. I mean, already these two great men have done such a development. God! And he's trying to be an effin smartass!

  10. Phone is good but The as the price we pay for it its a bit extra cause its not carrying that much of good specs and that a asus zenfone 5 worth rs 10000 also carry 1.7 ghz dual core INTEL powred processor which is really good,
    So, They should improve some specs….!!
    overall its good phone butt if i would be a buyer i'd not pay that much only for extra paper display…..!!

  11. Great idea, I hope other companies will look into this. This particular phone wont see much success though, by the time it will be released it's already old tech wise. And the way the world is right now, asking the world to buy a russian phone is not an easy task. I sure as hell wouldn't buy this because of that..

  12. I can't finish watching the entire video because of the annoying interviewer. Get some lessons first. So disrespectful.

  13. Hey Guys….can you explain to me what is the point of 2nd screen or what is it doing….i cant understand what they are showing here…

    Please Explain….Confused.

  14. This is a very good alternative to the iPhone! And there is no more übeerwachen you can! Because of the beginning of any harmful and überwachsungsdatein are on the phone! Peace from Germany!

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