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Your Profile Picture Will Make or Break You – It’s Your First Impression


Your profile photo will make or break the first impression that you send out to the world via Internet. There are things that just make the right impression and leaves a huge impact and a profile picture is one of those.

For example, a good book can make a powerful impact. Can you name the book that has had the greatest impact on you? “Dress for Success” by John T Molloy is the book that made a huge impact on me. In Molloy’s book he proves that one of the most important factors both professionally and personal is how you present yourself. The author proves time and time again how the best dressed individual has far greater success than those who are under dressed, and have not taken much time in how they present themselves to others. Or as in the online world, less than appropriately profiled or online-worthy, shall we say!

It is said you have less than 4-10 seconds to grab someone’s attention online and to keep their attention. How do you shine brighter than the billions of other websites and people online? How do you stand out above all the other profiles? How do you get and keep the connections that you want? How do you get the search engines to partner up with you and push you to the top of the World Wide Web?

Your profile pic is the first thing that people look at and the first impression that you show the other members of a social networking site, online dating site, and at forums. Your uploaded photo at blogs and websites gives online visitors and users something to go by. They build an impression of you by that one profile photo.

Whether it’s a professional photograph, one that you take with your digital camera or a business logo, the image that you post makes a huge difference in the who, what, why, and how of connecting, networking and communicating especially online.

Worse than not having a good profile picture is not to have one at all. This gives people the impression that you have something to hide and can’t be trusted. So take the time to have a good, impact-ful picture at your profile. You can use a photo or image of your business or something that represents something you’re interested in. A photo of a palm tree can represent the travel business that you’re in or your state of mind. An image of a computer can reveal that you love the Internet. A picture of a teddy bear can show the stuffed animal website you have or the cutie that you are.

However, it is best to have a photograph of you. A current uploaded picture of you is best when using online social networking sites, online dating sites, and well, for many other online sites. To jazz up the picture of you, be sure to keep it real. That is the best and most powerful way to make an impression, make connections and to build the connections/relationships.

In jazzing up what you upload, keep in mind that if you’re not a suit-and-tie kinda guy or a fashionista kinda gal, then don’t put on clothes that aren’t you. If a tee shirt and jeans is what you are usually seen in then it’s okay to post. However, do keep in mind that you should not upload a picture that doesn’t reveal your best. A casual shot is okay but don’t make it too casual. By this, we mean don’t make it so casual that you post a shot of you just after having been working on a house all day or just after working out, for that fact. Post a photo of yourself that resembles who you are and maybe what you do especially if you’re using your social networking and online presence for business purposes.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, CEO, inventor, web designer, writer, manager, bookkeeper, waitress, artist, student, retired, a parent, housewife, etc. make sure you present yourself in how you would dress when you head out in public. For those posting at online dating sites, dress like you’re going on a first date.

Jazzing up your photo doesn’t have to take lots of money or time. But it does take some effort. Have a buddy take some pictures or set up a tripod. If you’d rather, head to Wal-Mart or any place that takes portraits and have some “professional” ones taken but don’t spend a fortune. Some businesses and business personnel may desire to hire a photographer and have a photo shoot. That’s up to you and your budget.

The main point is to jazz up your profile pic and make it the best one that represents the real you. Then you can upload others that show you in different activities, hobbies and work-related settings. Save the shots of you and your motorcycle, in your sweats, playing with your niece, during Ladies’ Night Out, etc. for your online albums. (Many websites allow you to post more than one picture.) Keep your profile photo exclusive and very special. Remember, it’s your first impression to the world.

By April Manovich

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